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(English) The original Power Probe 3 attaches to your vehicle’s battery with its 20′ cable, this allows you to perform test anywhere in or around the vehicle, Supply battery power or ground to activate components or test for voltage or ground, it’s a Voltmeter, Continuity Tester, Audible & Visual Indicators this has two LED light which will light up your work area, This– Powerful Time Saver is perfect for Every Level of Technician.

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The PP3CS includes:

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The Power Probe 3 is a Digital Voltmeter designed to work on 12-24 Volt sources, with the ability to apply Power and Ground. Using an Auxiliary Ground cable, the user can simultaneously supply Battery Voltage, and ground to test components or to simply test for continuity. The PP3 is protected by an 8 Amp Circuit Breaker.


  • Voltage & Polarity testing
  • Continuity testing
  • Activating components out of the vehicle’s electrical system
  • Activating electrical components in the Vehicle
  • Activating electrical components with ground
  • Testing trailer lights and connections
  • Checking for bad ground contacts
  • Red/Green Indicator & Audio Tone

  • DC 0 to +70V +1 Digit
  • P-P 0 to +70V
    The frequency response of tone pass through
  • 10Hz to greater than 10 kHz
    PP Display
  • 15 Hz Square Wave
  • 35 Hz Sine Wave
    Power Probe Mode – Continuity to ground
  • First level – Display is enabled less than 20 K Ω
  • The second level – Green LED is enabled less than 600 Ω
    – & +Peak Detector Response
  • Single event capture less than 200ms pulse width
  • Repetitive events less than 1ms pulse width
    Peak to Peak Mode
  • 0 to + 70 + 1 Digit
  • 4Hz to over 500kHz Square Wave input
  • 4Hz to over 250kHz Sine Wave input
  • The threshold for PPAC/Audible passthrough
  • Circuit Breaker 8 amp thermal response – Manual reset

Typical Response
8 amps          10amps      15amps     25amps    Short Circuit
No Trip          20min       6 sec.         2 sec.        0.3 sec.


The Original Power Probe 3