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The PP4AS Kit includes:

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The Power Probe 4 Diagnostic electronic circuit and component tester supply battery power and ground. Featuring AC/DC Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Frequency, Pulse width (Positive and Negative) and additional diagnostic modes: Fuel Injector Tester, PCM/ECM Driver Tester, and ECT Signal Tracer.



(English) • Supply Power or Ground for Functional Component Testing
• Self-Resetting Thermal 8 Amp Circuit Breaker
• Multiple DC Volt readings on the same display
• Ohmmeter provide active feedback
• 12 – 24 Volt Range
• Bad Ground Indicator
• Continuity Tester
• Component Tester
• AC-RMS, AC Peak to Peak, Frequency and Pulse Width indicators are available for signal testing
• Fuel Injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis
• PCM/ECM Driver supplies safe voltage for testing computer driver circuits
• PPECT Mode for signal detection of open circuits ( When used with the ECT2000/ECT3000 )
• Active LED Lighting for illuminating workspace
• Power Cable Length of 23 Feet

Typical Response
8 amps          10amps      15amps     25amps    Short Circuit
No Trip          20min       6 sec.         2 sec.        0.3 sec.

You can purchase an optional 20 Foot extension cable

Part Number: PPTK0029


Power Probe 4