(English) Pro-Solder 50

(English) PPROS50W

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o 50w Rechargeable Soldering Iron
o Point tip 2mm (Part Number: PS50PT2)
o Chisel tip 3.2mm (Part Number: PS50CT3.2)
o Heat shrink tip (Part Number: PS50HST)
o USB Charging Cable
o 10g Lead free solder
o Copper cleaning sponge
o Stand
o Protective Cap
o Blow Mold Case
o Instruction Manual


    • Reaches operating temperature (536° F) in 10 seconds
    • Can be used for Soldering, Brazing, Loosening Fasteners, and Heat Shrinking
    • Max Temperature: 1112°F
    • Running Time: 35 minutes
    • Charging Time: 3.5 Hours
    • 50 Watt
    • LED Light


  • PS50PT2: 2.0mm Point Tip
  • PS50CT: 3.2mm Chisel Tip
  • PS50HST: 3.2mm Heat Shrink Tip
  • PS50CT5: 5.0mm Chisel Tip (Not Included in PPPS50W)
  • PS50HK: Hot Knife Tip (Not Included in PPPS50W)