(English) The Probe 12V Test Light with Haptic Feedback

(English) PPTACT1CS

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  • The Probe


It will vibrate on greater than 12V for fast positive indication, uses a 6-foot coil-type cable to connect to battery ground. Just push the button and go!  Shows positive voltage, ground, and continuity «all in one tool» with haptic advantage.

(English) 12v Haptic Test Light

  • Vibrates between 12 volts to 18 Volts.
  • Green LED illuminates < 10 OHMS.
  • Blue LED illuminates > 10 OHMS.
  • Uses replacement bulb PPTACT-1
  • Uses replacement battery CR1632
  • Computer safe 3-volt output 10mA


  • Not for use on airbags.

The Probe