Battery Check

Posted by Amanda Gonzalez on May 7th, 2019
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One of the most important things when diagnosing an electrical fault on a vehicle is making sure you have a good battery. A weak or low battery could lead you to get a faulty reading, or even misdiagnosing the problem. To check the vehicle’s battery, you would normally need a DMM, battery tester, or other tools to see if the Battery is operating within normal parameters. Shouldn’t this be easier? The Power Probe 3EZ accomplishes this by being the only tool you need to check the vehicle’s battery. Don’t know how to test the battery and charging system using the Power Probe 3EZ? EZ Diagnostics walks you through these tests.

First, connect the Power Probe to the vehicle’s battery. The right mode button pulls up the menu while the left mode button lets the user scroll down. Scroll down to EZ Diagnostics and press the right mode button to access the EZ Diagnostics menu. Select Battery Check with the right mode button and a QR Code will display on the screen. Scan the QR Code with your smartphone or a QR scanner (available from the app store or google play store), which will direct you to a video. After watching the video, the tool will walk you through step by step to make sure the battery is within specification. This will also test the battery terminals and their integrity. Being able to do the job with just one tool will make your diagnosis quicker and more profitable.

Click this link to check out the video

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