Posted by Power Probe TEK on June 16th, 2017
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Before using your Power Probe TeK Digital Multimeter, you should always do a couple of quick checks before using it to prevent any inaccurate readings.

If you come across this symbol on the display, chances are your Multimeter needs its batteries replaced.

To replace the batteries, simply turn the Multimeter off, remove the leads, flip the Multimeter over, lift the stand up, and remove the screw for the battery cover.

Remove the battery cover and now you have access to the batteries. Replace the batteries and reinstall the battery cover and screw.

Verify that the low battery symbol is gone and it is now ready for use.

Next, we will show you how to check the fuses. There are two fuses that protect the meter, one 10-amp fuse and one 600 milliamps fuse.

Typically, the traditional way to check a Multimeter’s fuse would be to remove the fuse out of the Multimeter and measure across the fuse for continuity.

An easier way to check the DMM’s Fuses is to place the Multimeter in Resistance (Ohms) Mode. Having the black test lead placed in the “COM” location and the red lead in the left location, jumper the two leads together.

You should see a resistance reading on the display. Here we show continuity, so the 600mA fuse is good. Now, move the red lead to the far right leaving the black test lead in the “COM” location and perform the same test.

In this case, we show “O/L” meaning that there is no continuity. If you see “O/L”, that means the fuse is no good and will need to be replaced. In this case, it looks like the 10 Amp fuse is bad.

To replace a fuse, turn the meter off and remove the test leads. Unscrew the six Philips screws that attach the back half of the case using a screwdriver.

Upon removing the Phillips screws, carefully separate the two case halves apart, gaining access to the fuses.

Each fuse is identified, so choose the fuse corresponding to the jack that read O/L. The Amp Jack read O/L so the 10 Amp fuse is the one that needs replacement.

Remove the blown fuse using a pair of pliers or flat blade screwdriver and install a new fuse. Re-install the back half of the Multimeter and re-install the 6 screws. The meter is now operational and ready for testing.

Fuses are available for purchase through your local Power Probe TeK Distributor. For more information and product videos, visit

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