How to Repair Automotive Wiring with Soldering Kit

Posted by Power Probe TEK on December 20th, 2016

What Causes Electrical Malfunctions?

The majority of vehicle electrical malfunctions are usually found to be problems with the electrical wiring itself.  Wiring and connectors are constantly exposed to severe conditions like high heat, harsh chemicals, repetitive movements, and vibrations.

Wiring harnesses are also vulnerable to abrasion, stress, corrosion, or collision damage.

To fix the vehicle you can choose to either repair the damage or replace the damaged wire harness section entirely. However, replacing a wiring harness can be expensive and very time consuming to install.

If it’s done correctly, repairing damaged wiring is perfectly acceptable and can save considerable money and labor.

What Makes a Good Wire Repair?

The key to a good wiring repair is having a clean solid mechanical connection before soldering the joint, and always use heat shrink insulation to protect your wire repair.

How Can I Learn How to Solder Wires?

Soldering is an invaluable skill to have and you can learn to solder by watching our How to Properly Repair Automotive Wiring Video,and be sure to download a copy of our Basic Electrical Soldering E-book, all completely free.

Soldering Tips.

  1. Be sure to remove all of the damaged wire section.
  2. Use the Micro Torch with the Hot Knife attachment to strip and prepare the wire ends for soldering.
  3. Make sure you have a clean solid mechanical connection before soldering.
  4. Use Rosin Core Solder when soldering wires, the flux deoxidizes and allows solder to penetrate into the wire strands.
  5. Once you have enough solder on the joint, let the solder harden before moving the wire.
  6. Use a heat shrink insulation tube that has a 3 to 1 shrink ratio.
  7. When heating shrink insulation, use the heat shield accessory in the Micro Torch Kit to protect the neighboring wires.

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