Posted by Power Probe TEK on August 11th, 2017
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Technicians have always asked “Hey, I lost this part for my tool, where can I get another one?”. At Power Probe TeK, we listen. We’ve released several new accessory sets for our most popular products. Lost one of your leads for your DMM? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Our kits are designed to maximize the tools in your hand for more time-saving diagnosing! Now Available:

DMM Leads Kit, which are replacement leads with alligator clips included;

Our DMM Adapter Leads Kit, which are 10 Foot Gold Plated Leads that allow you to attach any accessory that has a 4mm banana plug to your DMM for more versatility.

Our Piercing Probe Kit including both sizes of our self-centering Piercing Probes which allow you to test wires in hard to reach places.

A 3-Foot extension lead which allows to connect our accessories to our Power Probe Circuit Testers.

And our Test Probe Adapter Kit, which will allow you to test and back-probe sensors, connectors, components and more. Look for and ask for these products through your mobile tool dealer or any of our partners.



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