Power Probe 3 EZ Diagnostics

Posted by Amanda Gonzalez on June 5th, 2019
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All of us learn differently. Some can learn things just by reading, some are auditory learners. But, most people like myself are visual learners. Power Probe Tek has taken that into consideration and has created EZ Diagnostic mode and has included it in the Power Probe 3EZ.

Each test section includes a readable QR code that will access online video content showing you how to do the test procedure

The available tests listed are Battery Check, Charge Test, Fuse Test, Voltage Test, Component Test, 5V Ref.

5V REF mode is used together with the Power Probe Tek 5VAdapter Tip (P/N PPT5VA). With the Adapter Tip installed on the probe and applying power, the probe will no longer output full battery voltage. The 5 Volt Adapter will only output a current limited 5V that can be used as a reference voltage to safely power and test sensor and computer circuits. FOR FULL EXPLANATIONS OF EACH TESTING MODES, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:


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