Power Probe 4 – What I’ve experienced

Posted by Power Probe TEK on April 28th, 2017
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Having been an Automotive tech for the past four years and having used the Power Probe 4 for a few months now I must say, I wish I would have known about this tool a lot sooner. The fact I can do a Fuel Injector test without having to pull the plenum and everything else off to test the injector saves me headaches and so much time. I love the fact it has a bigger LCD Display, honestly I may not be as blind as a bat, but just having the readings right there without needing to strain my eyes is nice.

Also the tool has two led lights that help me see under the dash while I’m testing and it is so great to not have to hold up a flashlight while I’m testing.

With the tool being connected to the battery (the only true power and ground in the vehicle) I appreciate accurate readings the first time.

As we all know, it is recommended to check if you have good battery voltage before testing an electrical issues. The power probe 4 can show battery voltage immediately after powering it up.

Also by having an Auxiliary ground clip I find it extremely useful because sometimes I run into components that are seemingly not operational but with the aux ground clip I can test if they work right on the spot. Also continuity tests don’t show me if the component I am looking at will work properly under load and by powering it up I can verify. 

As a technician, having the ability to apply power and ground in my hand saves a lot of time. In my diagnostic process I can test the component that have “failed” right away whether they are on or off the vehicle. There are a lot of other tools I use on a daily basis, but this is the tool I reach for first when I have any electrical issues to tackle.

Although I would highly recommend this tool please don’t take my word for it, ask your friends and neighbors in the bay or try it out yourself. 

By Amanda Gonzalez

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