Power Probe Battery Jump Pack, The PPBJP

Posted by Power Probe TEK on August 18th, 2017
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Now days, everything we use, needs to be charged. Not everything goes as planned; we don’t plan on our phones battery dying, or the battery in our wireless headphones. It’s always nice to be prepared just incase we forget to charge everything the night before. I don’t mean those tiny little phone chargers that deliver maybe half of a charge, for one single item. What if you leave a light on in your car while its parked? For most, this is even worse than your phone dying.

If I had a battery charger, that was small enough to keep in my pocket, that would charge my phone, my wireless headphones, and still be able to charge my tablet just enough to finish watching John Wick 2 on a flight, well that would be outstanding. Perhaps that same battery charger could jump start my car battery when the dome light was left on in the parking lot at work all day, that would just be remarkable.

When I started at Power Probe TEK, I learned that this is a reality. We offer the PPBJP, the Power Probe Battery Jump Pack, that actually jump starts car batteries, or charges your phone, tablet, headphones or anything else that charges via a Micro USB cable. I almost didn’t believe it, until I learned that it comes with Battery Jump Cables which plug right into it. It even comes with its own charger, which is a simple USB to Micro USB cable. And of course, a convenient, bright LED flashlight which doubles as an SOS light. Everything was considered when designing this awesome tool.

The kit is small enough to sit in the glove box or center console, and the battery is small enough to carry with you wherever you are. I carry it at Disneyland, on hikes, and specially on flights, because Southwest usually doesn’t offer USB ports. It’s always in my car when I’m not traveling, because the one time that I don’t have it, will be the one time that I need a jump. There’s also always one in my wife’s car, because although we have Triple AAA, they will never be there quicker than the Emergency jump starter in the glove box.

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