Power Probe Professional Testing Electrical Kit (PPROKIT01)

Posted by Power Probe TEK on April 13th, 2017
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The Power Probe 3 (PP3), our signature Power Probe product, is great for simple, quick, accurate vehicle circuit testing, and for powering up lights and components. The Power Probe Digital Multi-Meter (PPDMM) is a CAT IV, 600V multi-meter designed for the needs of today’s working technicians and electricians. Together, these tools have the combined capabilities to successfully diagnose even the most difficult electrical issues.

These two powerful tools are now available in a value-priced electrical testing package, the new Power Probe Professional Testing Electrical Kit PPROKIT01. Wiring problems, component testing, continuity testing, signal tracing, sensor monitoring, voltage checks, resistance testing, current draw tests, and more can all be performed using the collective power of the PP3 & PPDMM included in the PPROKIT01.

The Power Probe 3’s unique combination of circuit testing capabilities and its ability to apply battery power and ground directly to a component or circuit, along with the PPDMM’s advanced multi-meter testing modes means you will have everything you need for quick, efficient electrical troubleshooting.

The included leads and adapters allow easy connections to any circuit or even linking the two tools together. You can use the PPDMM to measure the current draw of a component being powered up by the Power Probe 3.

The PPROKIT01 includes the Power Probe 3, the Power Probe Digital Multi-Meter, 2 – 5ft. test leads and 2 – 10 ft. extension leads. Additional accessories include spade adapter, back-probe adapter, male-to male adapters, magnetic hanging strap, temperature probe, and alligator clips all packed neatly in an organized carrying case.

The PPROKIT01 is now available through any authorized Power Probe TeK Distributor, found on our Partners page.

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