Power Probe TeK PPKIT04, The Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit

Posted by Power Probe TEK on May 5th, 2017
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The Power Probe 4 Master Kit (PPKIT04), is probably one of the best combo kits for any technician. With the Power Probe 4 and the ECT3000 open and short tracer, you can solve almost any electrical issue that you encounter. The kit also includes a lead set for probing just about anything. The Power Probe 4 can actually work in conjunction with the ECT3000, with the PPECT mode. What makes it such a great package deal, both tools are so intuitive for anybody from the “weekend driveway mechanic” such as myself, to the more experienced Manufacture trained Master Technician, and everywhere in-between.

The Power Probe 4 combines a Digital Voltmeter, similar to the Power Probe 3, but adds an Ohmmeter in the Feed Test Mode for reading loaded resistance. What really sets this tool apart is the AC Voltmeter functions; You can read: AC RMS, Peak-to-Peak, Hz Frequency, Pulse Width, and even a dedicated Fuel Injector test mode for fuel injectors and associated circuits. The Power Probe 4 also includes a Driver Test Mode, which supplies Voltage for testing computer driver circuits, and modules.

The ECT3000 Open and Short Tracer is a unique, but extremely useful tool. Anybody who works on cars, or deals with electricity in general, knows how pesky a short-to-ground or open circuit can be. Finally there is a tool solve this problem. The ECT3000 comes with a Transmitter, a Receiver, and batteries are actually included! Just imagine how much time this tool could save by not having to pull out dash boards, covers, or panels.


Using the ECT3000 is just like a normal Power Probe, just connect the battery clips from the transmitter onto the battery. The green Lead injects a frequency into your circuit, while the wireless receiver will pick it up, and beep until you have found your short or open. The receiver even has an LED headlight to light up your workspace, and sensitivity level adjustment from 1 – 8 inches.

When using the ECT3000 to trace an open on a wiring harness, or bundle of wires, a wireless tracer might not be the most effective. But with the Power Probe 4’s PPECT mode, the PP4 is now ready to pick up the frequency output by the ECT3000. Now with direct contact to pick up the frequency, you will know exactly where your open is. The amount of time this Power Probe Master Combo Kit will save you is nothing short of amazing. This kit even comes in an easy to carry, and neatly organized hard plastic case.

The amount of time this tool can save is remarkable. At a training one day, as we were demonstrating these tools to technicians and shop owners, the capabilities of the ECT3000 were requested to be put to the real-life test. This Technician had been searching for a Short-to-Ground on a vehicle, for two days. Not having the right tool for the job can end up costing a shop or technician money, such as this case. In 15 minutes, Power Probe TEK Technicians found the Short-to-Ground using the ECT3000. The point here is not to praise Power Probe TEK’s Technicians, or to knock on the Technician who asked for our help. This simply shows that having the right tool for the job, can save time and money.


Blog written by Freddy Moreno

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