The newest kit with our latest tools the PPKIT03S

Posted by Power Probe TEK on May 19th, 2017
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Our Power Probe 3 Master Kit (PPKIT03) just got upgraded! The kit still includes the Power Probe 3, but NOW we’ve added the new ECT3000! This pack now has the part number of PPKIT03S. Having the same tools most people know and love, plus our upgraded Electrical Circuit Tracer with it makes it a must for technicians of all levels. With five modes in the Power Probe 3 to test circuits like Negative Peak mode to capture the lowest voltage that it has dropped to, a Positive Peak to capture the highest detected voltage, a Peak to peak mode to measure the difference between the positive and negative peak voltage levels, and an AC threshold mode used to adjust the threshold voltage for peak to peak detection and signal monitoring, These modes help tackle a lot of automotive basic needs to help you diagnose electrical problems faster and more efficiently.
Finding shorts and opens are always the most difficult and time consuming with so much work having to be done before even finding the wire.  So, we’ve upgraded the design of our Circuit Tracer to make it easier for finding the short or open; by adding a sensitivity level that has about 1 to 8 inches of distance from the wire to the receiver and arrows on the top to show the direction of the short-to-ground. You can go over carpet, pillars and panels without having to remove them. The 10 minute auto shut-off time is more than enough time so you can trace shorted, pinched, or broken wires on tractors, trailers, and larger vehicles without having to worry about it shutting off on you.
The Power Probe 3 is a tool technicians love and use on everyday electrical jobs, along with our new and improved ECT3000 makes jobs even faster and easier to diagnose. I would highly recommend it for the price alone; having two tools I have used on a daily basis now in an all in one kit just makes so much more sense, but don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself to see how it can benefit your life.

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