The Power Probe Digital Multimeter

Posted by Power Probe TEK on June 23rd, 2017
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In a market already saturated with a product, what does it take to succeed and compete with the best? When Power Probe was designing the Digital Multimeter, there were already so many out there. With so many options, features, and price ranges, it wasn’t going to be easy. Power Probe has always designed tools with the Technician in mind. Most Technicians have used many different tools, which is why they generally know what they want. Of course there is a team of Technicians within Power Probe, but why limit yourself to one team? There are so many Automotive shops around, and we paid plenty of visits to find out what the industry was looking for in a new Digital Multimeter.

A Hybrid Safe CAT-IV 600V rating with huge back-lit screen really sets this tool apart from the competition. The Five-foot CAT-IV 600V test leads give you plenty of length to work with. Not all DMM’s come with screw on Alligator clips for the test leads or a K-Type Temperature Probe. Just a few examples of what Technicians told us that would be helpful in a single tool.

As with all Power Probe Products, you get a full one year hassle-free warranty, and lifetime TEK Tech Support. If there are ever any questions about the tool, or even the tools application, Power Probe TEK Tech Support is always there to help.

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