Posted by Power Probe TEK on July 21st, 2017
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At first, I wondered, “what is there to say about a flashlight?”. Push a button for light, and push it again to turn it off. Well the Power Probe Flashlight is BRIGHT! The CREE X<-L2 LED produces about 800 lumens. My brother is in Law Enforcement, his flashlight doesn’t even compare to this one. Comparing to A double the size, big name branded flashlight that cost more? Well, maybe it would be more durable, not likely, the Power Probe Flashlight boasts an IPx7 waterproof rating. This was tested, under water on the highest setting for hours.

What I love about this flashlight is the power source. It uses a circuit-protected “18650” Lithium-ion battery. It can be recharged with the supplied Micro-USB cable, or you can swap the battery with a freshly charged one, while you charge the original one. This is better than always needing to have new or fresh AAA, AA, C, or D batteries, they get expensive! Power Probe even offers a separate charger for your back up battery (PPAKIT10) which comes with the backup battery and the charger.

Available in Red or Black, offering four different settings: High, Medium, Low, and Strobe. The highest setting is generally for quick uses such as finding the 10mm socket, or the bolt that fell and might not have hit the ground! The medium setting, which is still very bright, will last even longer, and the low setting even longer. The strobe setting can be used for an instant dance party, an emergency light (Not S.O.S.), and stunning attackers.

This flashlight is very light and ergonomic, while still maintaining outstanding durability and rigidity. And like all the Power Probe TEK products, comes with a one-year hassle free Express Warranty Program, and Lifetime TEK Tech Support.


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