The Power Probe TeK Temp Kit and Temp Probe

Posted by Power Probe TEK on July 14th, 2017
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Once again summer is here is seems as if the ac in your car or house just isn’t working as it should. Here at Power Probe we thought you could benefit by having the ability to test the temperature. The temp kit comes with a temp probe to make sure your system is working as it should. With our temp kit you can get up to two readings of temperature, the base unit for ambient temperature, and AC duct reading with the Probe. 
 If you have a dual zone climate control, you can get an additional temp probe to get up to three readings at a time. To Link up all three, first turn on probe one and two, then the base unit. After this is done give it a few seconds for the first and second probe to settle in, then you can toggle from probe one and two by pushing the center button with the circle arrows. You will always have the base (Ambient) temperature  on top. 
 You can also bend the top of the temp probe to hook on a car vent or home ac vent. This tool will make any temperature testing a breeze, and with the optional 2nd Probe [Tempprobe] , definitely save time. And like all Power Probe products, the TEMPKIT is backed by the one year, hassle free warranty, and LifeTime TEK Tech Support. 
Here is a link to our Youtube Video :

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