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Posted by Power Probe TEK on August 25th, 2017
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Ever run in to a broken wire? Had a rat chew up some of your harness? 

Rather than replace the wire, here are some tips to repair it.  First, locate and isolate the wire, turn off all power or disconnect the negative battery cable.

Thecut and remove the damaged section of the wire and be sure to replace with the same gauge wire.

Next, prepare the wire by cutting ¾’’ to an inch of plastic cover and insulation, and pull it back to expose the copper wire.

Before installing the new section of wire, slide some heat-shrink tubing over each end. You won’t be able to install heat-shrink once the new segment of wire is installed. Now, connect the wires together and twist to make them stay together; this will make soldering them together much easier.

Heat up your Soldering pen or Torch and tin the end of the tip with Rosin Core Solder. Heat up the wires’ solder joint, and apply the solder so that the solder melts in between the copper strands and let cool.

After it cools pull the heat shrink over the Repaired solder joint and heat the shrink tube until the inner sealant starts to come out both sides.  Easy Peasy!  

Check out the video below to watch and see exactly how it’s done! 

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