Electrical Tools and Accessories

The Probe 12V Test Light with Haptic Feedback

THE PROBE 12-Volt Test Light with Haptic Feedback, (PPTACT1CS) this tool vibrates and lights when voltage over 12 volts is detected. When a voltage is below 12 volts, this functions as a standard test light. Just push the button and go! Shows positive voltage, ground, and continuity “all in one tool” with haptic advantage.


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DC Volt Tester

The DC Voltage Tester is an easy-to-use tool that can quickly test for voltage. Perfect for testing batteries, lighting systems, trailer connections, and more. This voltage tester is self-powered with an 18″ cable. LCD displays voltage readings from 5 volts to 35 volts.

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Gold Series Lead Set

The Gold Series Lead Set gives you the ability to extend the reach of your Power Probe with various extended leads an adapter.

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5-Volt Reference Adapter

This 5-volt Adapter will connect to any Power Probe circuit tester and limit the voltage to 5 volts perfect for testing sensor and computer circuits.

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Mini Probes

Mini Probe: Easy to use plug-in style current testers, simple way to verify current flow in a socket.

Complete Kit -TST3PK




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800 Lumen Handheld Flashlight

The Power Probe Flashlight Illuminates any work area with its 800 Lumen output.



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Battery Jumper/Power Pack

This small jumper is ideal for charging cell phones and smart devices with its 5V output USB port, but with the additional peace of mind that you can jump-start your vehicle’s battery when needed.

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