Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit PPKIT04



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The Power Probe 4 simplifies testing of motors, lights, Relays, Sensors as well as supplying Power and Ground for component testing on or off the car. The PPECT3000 will help you trace open and short circuits quick and accurately.

Where to Buy

• Supply Power or Ground for Functional Component Testing
• Self-Resetting Thermal 8 Amp Circuit Breaker
• Multiple DC Volt readings on the same display
• Ohmmeter provide active feedback
• 12 – 24 Volt Range
• Bad Ground Indicator
• Continuity Tester
• Component Tester
• AC-RMS, AC Peak to Peak, Frequency and Pulse Width indicators are available for signal testing
• Fuel Injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis
• PCM/ECM Driver supplies safe voltage for testing computer driver circuits
• PPECT Mode for signal detection of open circuits
• Active LED Lighting for illuminating workspace
• Power Cable Length of 23 Feet

Typical Response
8 amps          10amps      15amps     25amps    Short Circuit
No Trip          20min       6 sec.         2 sec.        0.3 sec.

  • Trace Out a Short Circuit to Chassis Ground
  • Tracing Out a Battery Drain or Current Draw
  • Isolate your Circuit
  • Verify the Short Circuit to Ground
  • Verify an Open Circuit
  • Short Circuit inside a wire harness
  • Reception Distance from 1 inch to 8 inches
  • Tracing Circuits that are shielded (Plastic Panels, Pillars, and Carpet)
  • Shut off time is now 10 mins

    Transmitter Spec

  • Min Operating Voltage 8 VDC
  • Max Operating Voltage 48 VDC
  • Working Current: 200mA
  • Working Frequency: 4KHz
  • Max Operating Relative humidity: 80% ( Non-condensation)
  • Max Storage Relative humidity: 80 % (Non-condensation)

    Receiver Spec

  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA
  • Working Current: When not signal be detected <15mA
  • Power Consumption when power off:<10uA
  • Max Operating Temp: 50°C
  • Max Storage Temp: 70° C
  • Max Operating Relative humidity: 80% (Non-condensation)
  • Max Storage Relative humidity: 80% (Non-condensation)

You can purchase an optional 20 Foot extension cable

Part Number: PPTK0029

Kit comes with a CD