Pro-Solder 50


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The Pro-Solder 50 is a rechargeable Soldering Iron Kit that is multifunctional and reaches operating temperature in just 10 seconds. It is perfect for quick wiring repairs either in the shop or at home. The kit includes various tip attachments, solder, copper cleaning sponge and a protective carrying case.

Authorized Resellers

o 50w Rechargeable Soldering Iron
o Point tip 2mm (Part Number: PS50PT2)
o Chisel tip 3.2mm (Part Number: PS50CT3.2)
o Heat shrink tip (Part Number: PS50HST)
o USB Charging Cable
o 10g Lead free solder
o Copper cleaning sponge
o Stand
o Protective Cap
o Blow Mold Case
o Instruction Manual

    • Reaches operating temperature (536° F) in 10 seconds
    • Can be used for Soldering, Brazing, Loosening Fasteners, and Heat Shrinking
    • Max Temperature: 1112°F
    • Running Time: 35 minutes
    • Charging Time: 3.5 Hours
    • 50 Watt
    • LED Light

  • PS50PT2: 2.0mm Point Tip
  • PS50CT: 3.2mm Chisel Tip
  • PS50HST: 3.2mm Heat Shrink Tip
  • PS50CT5: 5.0mm Chisel Tip (Not Included in PPPS50W)
  • PS50HK: Hot Knife Tip (Not Included in PPPS50W)