Professional Electrical Test Kit PROKIT01


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The Power Probe Professional Electrical Test Kit provides the circuit testing ability of the Power Probe 3 combined with the diagnostic capabilities of the Power Probe Digital Multimeter.

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  • Voltage & Polarity testing
  • Continuity testing
  • Activating components out of the vehicle’s electrical system
  • Activating electrical components in the Vehicle
  • Activating electrical components with ground
  • Testing trailer lights and connections
  • Checking for bad ground contacts
  • Red/Green Indicator & Audio Tone

  • DC 0 to + 70V +1 Digit
  • P-P 0 to + 70V
    The frequency response of tone pass through
  • 10Hz to greater than 10 kHz
    PP Display
  • 15 Hz Square Wave
  • 35 Hz Sine Wave
    Power Probe Mode – Continuity to ground
  • First level – Display is enabled less than 20 K Ω
  • Second level – Green LED is enabled less than 600 Ω
    – & +Peak Detector Response
  • Single event capture less than 200ms pulse width
  • Repetitive events less than 1ms pulse width
    Peak to Peak Mode
  • 0 to + 70 + 1 Digit
  • 4Hz to over 500kHz Square Wave input
  • 4Hz to over 250kHz Sine Wave input
  • The threshold for PPAC/Audible passthrough
  • Circuit Breaker 8 amp thermal response – Manual reset

Typical Response
8 amps          10amps      15amps     25amps    Short Circuit
No Trip          20min       6 sec.         2 sec.        0.3 sec.

Features: Data Hold, Min/Max Capture, Relative Measurement, Diode/Continuity Tester. Perfect for Automotive use with Loud Indication Tones, 15 min auto-off function, rugged rubberized housing. Includes 5 Foot CAT-IV 600V test leads, Alligator clip attachmentsK-Type Temperature ProbeMagnetic Hanging Strap, Spare Fuses, and 3 AAA Batteries.


  • Digital Volt and Ohmmeter for circuit testing
  • CAT-IV 600V Hybrid Safe AC/DC Voltmeter
  • Measures Voltage from 0.1mV to 600V
  • Measures Current from .01mA to 10 Amps
  • Measures Temperatures from -4 ~ 1832 (-20 ~ 1000)
  • Measures Resistance/Diode/Continuity 0.1Ω to 60M Ohms
  • Measures Capacitance 0.0001µF to 60,000µF

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