THE MAESTRO “Coming Soon”


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The Maestro has 3 voltmeter modes: DC Voltmeter, AC-RMS Voltmeter, and Peak-to-Peak AC voltmeter, it also measures Frequency, Duty-Cycle and more. Other menu options include Fuel-Injector Mode and Ohmmeter Mode. We have also included “Easy Learning” which teaches a new user how to use the tool, and “Guided Diagnostics” which guides a user through common diagnostic tests.
The Maestro also includes “Trace Mode”. This offers oscilloscope-like waveforms for easy viewing of alternating or pulsed signals.

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The Maestro Kit includes:

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Typical Response
8 amps          10amps      15amps     25amps    Short Circuit
No Trip          20min       6 sec.         2 sec.        0.3 sec.