Wireless Dual Zone Temperature 2nd Probe Accessory


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Optional wireless temperature probe for PPTEMPKIT

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  • 1. Number 2 Temp Probe Unit Wireless Transmitter
  • Instruction Manual (Same as Temp Kit)
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Wireless Temperature Probe for PPTEMPKIT. Allows TEMPKIT one extra wireless temperature reading, for a total of 3 temperature readings, Probe 1, Probe 2, and ambient. 

  • Wireless Temperature Readings with Tempkit
  • Dual Zone Temp Reading with Tempkit
  • Measuring Range -9°F. to 158°F
  • Operating Environment -9°F. to 158°F
  • Wireless Transmitter Distance: 5M-16.5 Feet
  • Accuracy ±2.0°F(±2.0C)